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Articles from 2005

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1-2-3 REVIT: BIM in China
2005-11-15 | Author: Rick Rundell, AIA

eral months ago we explored how BIM (building information model) was adopted by firms in India, a country experiencing one of the largest construction booms in the world. This month we examine how BIM is working in a country experiencing the largest construction boom in the world: China...


1-2-3 Revit: BIM Goes to School
2005-10-14 | Author: Rick Rundell, AIA

As BIM (building information model) adoption grows in the building industry, so does the use of the BIM in educational curricula. This month's article describes how university students around the world are learning BIM -- accelerating their design thinking and their studio work as well as laying the foundation for advancing their industry in the future...


1-2-3 Revit: Building Information Modeling in India
2005-09-15 | Author: Rick Rundell, AIA

India's stable legal and commercial environment, combined with its government's economic liberalization policies, has led to strong economic growth, low inflation and significant increases in foreign investment. The growth of its technology sector -- drawing on an abundant, well-educated labor pool -- is renowned. IT hubs are quickly being established in the suburbs of most major Indian cities, often likened to Indian Silicon Valleys...


Autodesk Revit Building 8/8.1
2005-09-07 | Author: Lachmi Khemlani

Starting in March 2005, Autodesk Revit officially became a platform rather than a single product. This was when Autodesk released version 8 of its BIM application for architectural design, now known as Autodesk Revit Building rather than just Autodesk Revit. This was followed in June by the first release of Autodesk Revit Structure, a BIM application for structural engineering built on the Revit platform. A third Revit-based application for MEP engineering is currently under development. By expanding the scope of Revit from architectural design alone to a platform that can support collaborative multi-disciplinary building design, Autodesk has successfully addressed what has been one of Revit's biggest limitations so far...


Cadalyst Labs Review: Revit Building 8
2005-09-01 | Author: Steven S. Ross

Over the past five years, Revit has undergone seven major upgrades as well as acquisition by Autodesk. What was once a slightly cranky, underpowered solid modeler is now a mature, industrial-strength product running on Windows XP. The Revit platform is beginning to show some connection with Architectural Desktop through the ability of Revit Structure to export and read Architectural Desktop structural objects. Its API (application programming interface) is open enough to have attracted some impressive third-party software developers as well. Revit also continues to add drafting tools and has become a fairly powerful CAD program in its own right...


The 1,776-foot-tall Freedom Tower being built on the World Trade Center site in New York is pushing the boundaries of architectural engineering because of its height and complex design. It's also a major test case for a new generation of design and online collaboration tools for the construction industry...


1-2-3 Revit: Not All BIM is Parametric
2005-02-15 | Author: Rick Rundell, AIA

One of my first articles for this column explored the pros and cons of the various types of design technologies currently in use for BIM (building information modeling) solutions: CAD, object CAD and parametric building modeling. This month's article will focus on the most advanced of these technologies, parametric building modeling...


Implementing BIM, Part 3: Staff Training
2005-01-15 | Author: Rick Rundell, AIA

This is the third and final installment of a series of articles on best practices for implementing BIM (building information modeling) solutions. In Part 1, I highlighted success factors for transitioning to a purpose-built BIM solution like Autodesk Revit. In Part 2, I identified process and organizational changes inherent to BIM...


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