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4.5 Stars from 3 Votes

Proposal Images

Uploaded By: hjacobs

Wed, Feb 2, 2005

Description: Here is a series of "eye catching" images I did for a project proposal we submitted.




Thu, Feb 3, 2005 at 12:40:50 AM




ale02 Avatar

Joined Sun, Sep 19, 2004
3 Stars from 3 Votes

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Nice work for presentation!

Thu, Feb 3, 2005 at 6:52:50 AM




Joined Thu, May 13, 2004
3.5 Stars from 9 Votes

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Really nice - you can understand something hopefully - there is a drawing incorporated in this proposal for what purpose? If you really want to do something nice and understandable there is a program called AXEL from Click on SHOWCASE and then choose ARCHITECTETURE and you can really play around if you eg. choose the model DECK FACTORY. You have to install the pluginn for AXEL - but that is made in a minute - and no viruses - it is a Canadian program - Canada that is quality!!!! Have some more looks at the realtime renderings and the interactive design. That is the thing I believe, but Revit cannot export as VRML or better as a 3D standard called X3D. You have to first export as DWG - and then in some other progrram . AutoDesk hopes that you will use their Viz - export to VRML. X3D they have not learnt yet??? Why has not Revit got the opportunities you have in AXEL? Some nice programming of the model? Next time hjacobs - you will do it in AXEL - and the customers to your proposals will really like the possibilities of not seeing the project only from one side - having the opportunity to turn it around for themselves. Sure REVIT Is good - having some good aspects . but it is lacking a lot of things too - no sound - no lipsynced characters - no hair or grcursegrowing - no particles for a little fire and rain - no animated doors or windows - have a look at Animation Master from and you will have a day full of joy. And also a day of sorrow - because all those programs cannot communicate. They have no common standard like X3D. Let us begin to build bridges in the year 2005 trying to get the six billions now living on this planet circling as a sattelit around the sun .- a nuclear power station - on a nice distance - to get us to communicate - trying to find a common language... The chinese have done it. They have the same letters - but an awful lot of them - but having learnt a few thousand of them . One billion people not understanding each other then they speak can read the same books and papers - The chinese have understood communication - and they have no religion - everyone having their own Chi-Gong experiences in the parks . I must say western culture is a little barbaric - the Chinese could be a little more sophisticated too and a lot more nice to their students and the ones living in Tibet, but they have got a good standard to build bridges on - that is the difference.... With a little good standards - like sitting on our "curse" meditating half an hour every day - we hopefully will not have some crazy Armageddon - but now - Russia, China, Iran, Brazil, Venezuela - are uniting - trying to preserve - theri natural resources of oil from some crazy people believing they can conquer the world... By sitting in a school - letting the kids read about a goat - doing nothing to try to escape from perhaps getting hit by an other plane -. why did he not try to find some safe place to hide on? Give a good explanation on that. Try too! Well he did now what was going to happen - there cannot be any other explanation - He knew! He and his fellow crazymen were behind it. More and more people are understanding that they have been cheated... THIS IS A NIGHTMARE ... AS LONG AS THE TRUTH IS NOT PRESENTED... REVIT CANNOT SWEEP THIS NIGHTMARE AWAY - AND NO FREEDOOM TOWERS EITHER. BUILDINGS DO NOT EXPLODE AFTER SOME HOURS OF FIRE THEY HAVE NEVER DONE IT BEFORE AND THEY WILL NEVER DO IT IN THE FUTURE - YOU HAVE TO HAVE LOTS OF ENERGY TO PULVERIZE CONCRETE SWEEPING IT OUT IN ALL DIRECTIONS OVER A VAST AREA. AND TO MELT STEEL YOU CANNOT USE GASOLINE - TRY TO - YOU HAVE TO HAVE TERMITE. AND BUILDINGS COMING DONE WITHOUT REASON LIKE WORLD TRADE CENTER NUMBER SEVEN DID - IS JUST MAKING THE NIGHTMARE SO MUCH MORE WORSE. Without the truth coming out there will not be any peaceful world - doing some nice Revit proposals in. The real architecture is the architecture of thinkings and feelings - connected to a a trustworthy world... And everyone of us have to tamper with the problems - the backside of electric power - electric intelligence - our tioday-society is a part of - the enormous powers natural science have given us. Without electricity - without energy - we are back in the 18th century or perhaps back to their we started as humans in Africa seven millions year ago. Living in small groups being able to see,hear and feel our neighbours - not communicating with anonymous fellows thanks to electric energy and intelligence. The ones who have the myts in their hands . economic power . is the ones brainwashing all of us - not 100 percent . still there are some thinking and feeling guys and dolls left I knew... Doing a nice presentation in Revit can be a part of it - but only a part.

Wed, Feb 9, 2005 at 1:53:59 PM




Joined Tue, May 4, 2004
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I think what you've accomplished in your output conveyed what you tried to get accross to your client. As with everything, I'm sure there is more to "it" than we're seeing here... Keep up the investigation of new ideas! As to Mr. GG's comments........ I believe the proper description would be... "Tangential Meditation"... all very good points, nonetheless. -K

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