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Forums >> General Discussion >> Wishlist >> Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.

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Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 4:02:24 PM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.




Joined: Mon, Oct 23, 2006
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Since autodesk now owns revit, why does it integrate some of the great edit and other commands that we know and love from autocad. To name a few, chamfer and trim (the autocad way) simply clicking two lines and trimming the line that is between them instead of (the revit way) splitting and then trimming. I believe this would make it easier for those of us who have been using autocad for years transition, but most importantly, increase the efficiency of editing in revit. Revit is highly advanced in some areas and is very unrefined, simplistic and immature (compared to autocad) when it comes to useful and efficient commands. This is where the old man (autocad) need to teach the young revit some of its tricks.

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Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 5:40:19 PM | RE: Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.




Joined: Thu, Mar 9, 2006
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There is a program for that - ADT

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Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 6:03:55 PM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.



quiller Avatar

Joined: Fri, Oct 17, 2003
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I agree with jterrell. But more to the point, Revit was a stand alone application long before Autodesk bought it. The thinking at the time was to create an application that was very different from AutoCAD. I believe the developers did just that and most of the commands are still in place today. Now that Autdesk owns Revit I'm hoping that they will improve on the application and not change the commands and charge more for it, which is what they normally do for all the other application they own. I used AutoCAD for 10 years before swiching to Revit which at the time was version 6. At this point I don't even like opening an AutoCAD drawing, never mind using the application. Give yourself some time and you'll feel the same way.......or buy ADT, which will most likely be phased out and replace with Revit!!!

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Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 9:13:38 PM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.


Mr Spot

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Mr Spot Avatar

Joined: Tue, Jan 13, 2004
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I hope they never enter in any of the shonky autocad commands...

 The trim command in autocad is very simplistic.  In revit the trim and extend commands are combined into one efficient and easy tool.

Yes revit needs a chamfer tool.  But that said, revits snaps and parametrics mean it only takes marginally longer (2 seconds?) to do a chamfer.

The important thing to remember is Revit is not Autocad nor is it trying to be.  When using revit you'll get the most out of it if you use this mentality.

As suggested by jterrell, if revit started to implement autocad tools it would become a monster like ADT.

There are some features of AutoCAD that would be handy in revit, but if they do ever get implemented I hope they aren't simply entered in the same way as they are in AutoCAD.  They need to be smartened up for Revit.

My 2 cents.





Co-Founder | BIM Consultant | Software Designer  CryingB. Arch)

Xrev Revit API Addins | Revit Rants

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Wed, Nov 1, 2006 at 12:07:36 AM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.




Joined: Tue, Jun 29, 2004
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shonky? hehe, never heard that one. fill me in on what it means sometime.

 Honestly, I don't think ADT is going to be phased out, at least here in US. You'll be prying it from the cold, dead fingers of some architects. Some firms, it will cost them way to much to convert over. Revit is still going to get some taking used to by some people.

 I do agree with you on the split command. I don't like that one myself, and I had a hard time getting used to the trim/extend command, but it's great now.

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Wed, Nov 1, 2006 at 2:49:10 AM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.



hjacobs Avatar

Joined: Sun, Jan 19, 2003
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I was giving a introductory training session on Revit a couple of weeks ago and one of the guys in my class remarked "this program is not very intuitive, why didn't they just call the families 'blocks'?" 


My answer was twofold.  First of all, that would actually be confusing to anyone who is familiar with blocks because families don't act like blocks - yes they have some similarities, but also many differences.  Secondly, (as someone who has never really used AutoCAD) the term "block" doesn't mean much to me, "family" is much more descriptive of the way it acts and therefore more intuitive.  In Revit things are termed appropriately for what they are.  Walls are walls, doors are doors, stairs are stairs... I think that's more intuitive...


Hiroshi Jacobs

The Catholic University of America

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Sun, Nov 5, 2006 at 11:29:13 PM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.



brettgoodchild Avatar

Joined: Sat, Feb 4, 2006
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My two cents on this issue.

Time and time again I hear things like "Why can't Revit do this? Autocad can."

Amongst many other complaints. People, if you are looking for a jazzed up version of Autocad, then just get ADT.

Revit is different and in a good way. I will not sit here and tell you that Revit is the answer to all AEC needs, but it is doing a good job of filling a lot of them. In some cases, it is just simply not the best solution and in some it is.

If you are going to be an avid Revit user, then the first thing I recommend is that you forget about CAD as they are not very simular. On the other hand, if you are looking for a program that is simular to the core platforms that you have beem using for the las 20 years, then why change, just stick to Autocad. 


"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. "
                             ~ Abraham Lincoln

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Sat, Feb 17, 2007 at 6:57:03 PM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.




Joined: Mon, Jul 31, 2006
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Come on guys!! Do any of you actually use the newer version of AutoCAD? I have been using AutoCAD for over 10 years.  There are a ton of good qualities on AutoCAD just as there are a ton of good qualities about Revit. I think Kenmahood is simply stating that it would be nice if some of the 2D commands in Revit were easier to use as they are in AutoCAD. And I agree. commands are to few ...... I am still new to Revit, but I use both of them all day.  When I right click to access additional features in Revit, who still actualy uses the, pan, zoom in & zoom out features that way?  Doesnt everybody use their mouse wheel?  Get rid of those commands and put in copy, paste, move, rotate, delete, etc! There is plenty of room to grow in Revit to satisfy everyone.  Revit is a beautiful program and I absulutely love it in every way!!!! Until I have to draw something using their 2D drafting commands. And for those die-hard Revit lovers, AutCAD's 3D features suck in comparison to Revit! MY 2 CENTS! 

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Sun, Feb 18, 2007 at 3:01:48 AM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.



site moderator|||
coreed Avatar

Joined: Fri, Feb 10, 2006
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i feel all of you guys pain. i'll used autocad for over 20 years. even though Autocad will always be around, Autocad for Architecture is kind of like watching an old friend die. Autodesk had even changed the name of Revit Building to Revit Architecture. i can't even see having a future in Architecture without Revit for CD's. For me its kind of like being with with your new girl friend and bumping into your old girlfriend. i speak politely about autocad and move on. i made my living using Autocad, but it's over. Even though me and my old girl friend (Autocad) made beautiful music when we were together, i'm hoping the same for the new girl friend.


Edited on: Sat, Feb 17, 2007 at 9:04:24 PM


best regards,



"Revit has to be implemented, Not installed." 

Long Live Revit

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Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 6:18:12 AM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.




Joined: Fri, Nov 21, 2008
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I sympathize with your situation as I am just learning the revit program as well after 20 years or so using autocad.  However I remember working for an architect that just couldn't get away from the drafting board.  He was learning some things about autocad but not enough to design with it.  It was very frustating for us as the work took twice as long to do and the plans produced on the board were not as accurate but we got through it and as autocad evolved things got better as time went on.  I see the same thing happening with revit as it is still in its infancy as the world is still not revolving around it yet.  We have problems with our consultants being not revit savy and the schools are still pumping out autocad experts.  I think though that in time everyone will start seeing the light and autodesk will start addressing the smooth transition to revit from autocad and to autocad from revit.

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Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 12:48:21 AM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.




Joined: Sat, Sep 1, 2007
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I think what is so frustrating to Revit users is that updating the commands seems relatively simple- and yet autodesk refuses to do it.

I'm use-to the trim and spit feature. The one that really frustrates me is rotate, and the inability to simply select an origin point. Revit really needs a divide function, also.

I've trained 15 people on Revit in the last 9 months...they all complain "why can't Revit do it like Autocad"...then after a few months when they go back to Autocad..."why can't it be like Revit". 

All of the offsetting and trimming you do in Autocad seems really time consuming after you've been in Revit, and the dims won't string together, and you can't cut a section....

I look at the 2009 autocad and I don't even recognize the interface..are they just changing things for the sake of changing?  Autodesk should put half the autcad staff to work on Revit.

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Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 8:02:52 PM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.



vanzoeren Avatar

Joined: Tue, Feb 24, 2009
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I love Revit. And I love Autocad. I use both for two totally different reasons. My only problem is that I keep using the keyboard shortcuts that are meant for Autocad in Revit. I rarely use the toolbars, its become my second nature. So when I'm in Revit, I struggle with the urge to actually press "move" instead of M + spacebar. I have come to loathe the "beep" sound following trying to enter in such a command.. Does Revit even support keyboard commands? Or should I just leave them alone so I won't go crazy trying to remember which one goes with what program...



vanzoeren - I live to learn, and learn to live

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Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 12:37:30 AM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.



jarosa Avatar

Joined: Tue, Feb 19, 2008
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Sure you can. Keyboardshortcuts.txt file. Look in help or search this forum. Plenty of threads. My newest favorite is AV and DV for activate view and deactivate view. I do most of my work in views but for final clean up i do that on the sheets.


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Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 3:09:04 PM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.




Joined: Thu, Nov 10, 2005
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I am with the Revit folk here.  Just edit your keyboard shortcuts.  Revit alows a hand for the keyboard and a hand for the mouse.  CAD you had to hit Enter which takes your hand off the mouse.  You can make keboard shortcuts for copy,paste, and pretty much anything that you want.  They are much quicker than typing in "Line" using both hands, I just hit DL for a detail line with is using just the left hand.  I have used both Revit and CAD (granted I stay away from CAD if i can), but the keyboard shortcuts are MUCH better shortcuts than CAD.  Just takes some getting used to.

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Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 2:22:21 PM | Why doesn't reivt have the simple autocad commands that we know and love.




Joined: Thu, Nov 13, 2008
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Of course I know this is a revit forum but for Broncos4life: ever tried to hit the spacebar as an enter when using the keyboard for an autocad commando? My left thumb is a little sore after a good day of CAD (lol).


And for the rest: come on guys don't be so sticky on your own favourite application. Both have their goods and bads. And in the end, even if Autodesk will implement some CAD commandos into Revit, for some it'll still won't be enough or they implement the wrong ones (in your opinion).


Different persons, different ways of working around in a program. At our company some people are fond of using the keyboard a lot (probably the little older user because of ACAD12 and earlier) and some use the icons more often.

The same goes for Revit. But I guess they should enter some commands into the drafting section which are originally AutoCAD commands. For instance the rotate commando is a lot more user-friendly in AutoCAD then in Revit.

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