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Tue, May 17, 2016 at 9:54:36 PM | Stacked Wall Problems




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So I'm trying to use a stacked wall to resolve my problems but I seem to only be finding more and more problems instead.  In an attempt at a brief summary of what I'm doing, here goes nothing...

The wall needs multiple exterior finishes (brick at 3 5/8" thick and stone at 4" thick) and multiple interior finishes (5/8" GWB up to the roof decking and 1/2" plywood beyond that).  The thing is I also need wall sweeps at set heights as well.  It seems that wall sweeps use the height from the base of the wall type, which is great but my stacked wall isn't going to be the same height everywhere.  The entire roofing slopes multiple times along the length of the building so the height that I need the GWB to go will change along the length of the wall.  This tells me that this section of the stacked wall needs to be variable in height.  However, because that height will be changing along the length of the wall, the parapet above it (which will need 1/2" plywood instead of the GWB) will not be beginning at the same height along it's length either, which will screw up the height of the wall sweeps that need to be at set heights.  Also, of course the entire wall itself will be at a single set height along it's length.  This tells me that THIS section of the wall needs to be variable as well since it may be starting at a lower height "here" but still need to go all the way up to X' in height.  And if you don't know already, stacked walls can have any of it's sub-wall types be variable, but only one of them can be variable at any one time.

Am I over thinking this?  Most of the issues I've read online about stacked walls all took place in like 2005 and 2007 so my HOPE is that someone has found a way to work around this.  My only solution so far is to create the stacked wall as I need it and add the wall sweeps on separately, which will work as far as I can tell but I'd rather not have to put draw on all of these wall sweeps if I don't have to.  I've seen that stacked walls cannot host wall sweeps as of thread posts in 2005 but it seems that this has changed since then, as I am able to do so right now.  However, I still don't know how to make the height of the sub-walls variable to allow for different heights along the length of the wall.


In the image, blue section is the wall I need to edit. White section attached to it is the roof and roof decking structure. The top portion of the stacked wall has to slope down with the roof so that I can put GWB below the roof and plywood above it.


Thanks for the help


Attached Images



Thanks and Gig 'em


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Wed, May 18, 2016 at 11:37:34 AM | Stacked Wall Problems



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It's a pretty loaded question so I will start with this, do not imbed wall sweeps in your wall profile, do them as seperate components.  I also think you can only go so far using stacked walls this way, you will most likely need to make different wall types to get what you are trying to achieve. 

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Wed, May 18, 2016 at 2:10:52 PM | Stacked Wall Problems



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You need to understand first that stacked walls are NOT one wall.   They are, in essance, a grouping of walls placed together but they are still independent walls.  Stacked walls are great for initial placement but it is often better to 'unstack' them after placing so that the idividual walls can be controlled independently.


Sweeps in a wall within a stacked wall are defined from the wall type - NOT the stacked wall.   The base is the base of that individual wall location within the stack.


Walls don't have to be stacked to have different materials within the layers and those layers can be defined from top or bottom.   Read/watch this section in your HELP.


If your roof slope is flat, you could design your wall to have the appropriate gyp or plywood but this is complicated and hard to do and it will not work with a slope.   I prefer to edit the detal to show the difference but this will not show up if you need full BIM reporting.  In that case, I would use two different walls with a reference plane at the angle that defines the top of one wall and the bottom of the other.


Unstacking a wall allows you to pull unlocked layers up/down fro the wall top or bottom reference.

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