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Forums >> Community >> Newbies >> Door Schedule Frame Vs. Door Pannel

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Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 1:27:54 PM | Door Schedule Frame Vs. Door Pannel




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I am trying to set up my door families so they show up on my schedule and plans correctly.  I have door pannels . . .

And door frames . . .

I would like to combine the doors and frames in any comination.  In the schedule I want the frame and door numbers to populate automaticly. (ie. I want D1 and F4 to populate the scheduel if I combine them.)  Here is a typical line in my door schedule.


On the floor plan I want one door tag.  For example if I place two pannels in an F2 frame I don't want two door tags.  Here is an image of what I want to door tags to look like.

What do I have to set up to make this work well?  I am considering nested families however I have never used them before and don't know if all the tags would work.


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Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 2:04:09 PM | Door Schedule Frame Vs. Door Pannel



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Your problem is that your panel families are in the door category - thus they schedule as doors.


We prefer to build our families as one door that includes the frame and panels.  Frame type, panel type, glass etc are all just instant based text in the family.  In our case, we built our door families like the stock doors with the frame and panels as extrusions/sweeps within the door family. So we have multiple families based on if they are single/double, solid/panel/lites and frames.  We have maybe 30 different door familes all with size only types and only load them when we need them.  This works fine except for unequal leaf doors. (We have all of our doors in a reference project that can be opened and quickly viewed so yhou can copy/paste into your project any new doors you may need.  Much better than the library.)

Remember this.  If all of your door families are built the same for insertion point, base swing direction, inside/outside and major reference planes, then without any problems, they are fully swappable in the project. 


I don't like all-in-one families because they are just too complicated to build correctly.  You can build the sub elements (frame and/or panel) in separate, nested families but this then causes some other problems.  If they are nested and in the door category and shared, then they schedule and tag.  Something you typically don't want.  You can build them in the generic category and use shared parameters in the host family to control them and schedule but.... these items then are not controlled under the door VG settings.

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Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 8:33:06 PM | Door Schedule Frame Vs. Door Pannel




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I am re-visiting this old post for the door families.

Here are the doors in our projects:

1. Four wall types: CMU, concrete/tilt-up, stud walls, and trussbilt.

2. Frame types: header: 2 inch or 4 inch; jamb: hinge side 2 inch/strike side 2 inch or 8 inch; single rabbet or double rabbets.

3. Twelve panel types, with two operations: slider or swinger.

4. Two panel thickness: 1.75 inch and 2 inch.

5. Four built-in accessories (not all panels have all four accessories, depending on the program).

Using the door families including frame and panel will have too many combinations. I think the best way is to separate the door frames from door panels as shown in the first post here.

I made all door types with flush panels only, which can be placed into walls in PD phase.

All panels are created by using generic family template as nested families with associative parameters. All shared parameter are in the host families  (door frames) only. By changing the door width and height in frame type, the panel will be flexed accordingly.

In CD phase, we change the panel types base on the function of the room, then schedule them. Also, this way the frame types and panel types are all legends.

Share this thought with everyone. Any comments are welcome.


Edited on: Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 9:15:39 PM

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