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Forums >> Revit Structure >> Technical Support >> Nested Void Problems on Shared Families (doesnt cut nested family if its shared)

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Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 9:18:29 PM | Nested Void Problems on Shared Families (doesnt cut nested family if its shared)




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Hi, Am having trouble with the revit workflow using facebased voids.. Am hoping that I am just missing a setting somewhere to make my problem go away.. Basically the face based void does wierd things to my nested families.. they are the following.


1)  Face-based voids no longer cuts the object if the object is a nested family (shared) and then that file is nested or loaded into a project file. For example:

Shared family > nested to another file and cut with face-cased void > this file loaded into project folder (but void is gone).. Sad


2) Face based void removes non-visible families within a nested file..  Example:

Family > nested to another file with 2 of that nested family visible, 2 not visible > this file loaded into project folder. If I cut the object with a face-based void, the "non visible" objects become visible..


Please help.. Would really like to use revit as my workflow, but this roadblock makes it hard for me to quickly adjust my files.. Am I using revit wrong?


thank you!

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Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 1:10:55 AM | Nested Void Problems on Shared Families (doesnt cut nested family if its shared)


Mr Spot

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I'd be interested in getting a better understanding of why you need the nested void families to be "shared" or nested.  The primary purpose of a nested family with a void set to "cut when loaded" is to cut objects in the project rather than in a family.  As you can simply create voids in-place within the family environment.


Common uses I have for voids set to "cut when nested" include:

  • Making penetrations in slabs/walls/beams for services
  • Setdowns and falls to slabs/beams
  • Penetrations to steelwork
  • Cutouts for sinks/basins

If I know what you are you trying to achieve I may be able to suggest a better approach.  Setting certain families to shared and nesting them can result in some strange anomolies with certain family types.  Mainly Structural families...




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Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 3:05:55 PM | Nested Void Problems on Shared Families (doesnt cut nested family if its shared)




Joined: Mon, Sep 26, 2011
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Thank you Mr Spot for the reply.

I am doing this because I am doing a very detailed drawing for some pieces of furniture. I wanted all the panels to be scheduled in the end so each piece is shared (This is for a cutlist). The base family file is just a panel, but that file has formulas on different panel configuration (veneer on both sides, edge tape thickness, etc). To be cut, I made this panel into a generic family. Then, I nest this panel file to another file and "assemble" the furniture.

So starting from the 2nd file, I needed to cut some portions to the model (left handed or right handed lock holes, or even cutouts for electrical pieces that are swapped out inside the file, reveals on the front or back or side, or none at all). The reason I wanted the void to be on this file and not on the project file, is so I can make a catalogue file for the family types.  I wanted to start from a "base, generic" file, then make my cuts on it and then catalogue that family type so I only have to do that change once. Also, I was hoping of doing it in as least amount of files as possible, so if any change is needed, I just change the construction on the nested file and it updates on all the family types on the catalogue (instead of making the changes file by file)..(I computed on the variations if I end up this way, I'll end up with 100+ files


Am hoping that having a face-based void inside a nested file can be a legit operation in the future.. :/ Any ideas for a workaround? I hope I explained it clearly.. Thank you in advance!

(oh if youre wondering why I bother with veneer thicknesses and edge banding, its for FSC content computation and for recycled content computation) It would just save me a lot of time and headaches compared to doing it manually. Puh

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Tue, May 10, 2016 at 8:39:49 AM | Nested Void Problems on Shared Families (doesnt cut nested family if its shared)




Joined: Wed, Mar 24, 2010
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Came to the same problem. Any solutions yet?

Also doing furniture. First family is board with parameters, second family is assembly of those boards and voids. Until I make the model shared, voids are okay in the project, after I tick Shared, voids do not cut my boards in the projects (but still cuts in family).

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