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Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 6:40:54 PM | Edit/Customize Assembly Code




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Does anyone know if it is possible to edit or change the assembly codes to custom numbers? For example if I wanted to create a custom item and assigned a specific code from means how could I do this?

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Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 6:37:36 PM | Edit/Customize Assembly Code




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Delete because of double post.



Edited on: Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 1:37:31 PM

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Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 7:34:56 PM | Edit/Customize Assembly Code




Joined: Tue, Apr 1, 2008
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I know this is an old thread and you have probably figured it out by now.  But I thought I would respond in case someone else had the same question.


Yes it is possible and it's very easy. But the first thing you need to ask yourself is what do you want to accomplish by modifying the Assembly Codes.  If it's to talk with other software programs like RS Means, Innovaya(sic), etc.  They you probably need to purchase the Uniformat book so you can put the correct codes.  For example, RS Means usesvery long strings, the regular D20... will not work.  However, if you are like me and just wnat to modify it to have more control over filters/schedules, ODBC transfers, etc. Then you have a bit more freedom.

No matter how you installed Revit, the UniformatClassifications file is located at C:\Program Files\Revit MEP 2009(or whatever version you are using)\Program\UniformatClassifications.txt.

-- It's a text file so it's very easy to work with and to open

--Before you make any changes to the file, make a backup copy

-- The file system is set up in 5 levels.  The levels display like an outline or a tree systemLevel 1

     Level 2


               Level 4

                    Level 5


As a Plumbing Engineering my Levels are

D Services

      D20 Plumbing

          D2010 Plumbing Fixtures

               D2010100 Water Closets

                    D2010110 ADA Water Closets


The most important thing now is just to following the original.  For example I added the following section to my file

D2050 Plumbing Equipment 3 -2001160

     D2050100 Water Heaters 4 -2001160

What I had to type was anything in { } indicates hitting that key, so {tab} means hit the TAB key on the keyboard.  The quotes indicate I typed exactly that but do not include the quotation marks.

"D2050" {tab} "Plumbing Equipment" {tab} 3 {tab} "-2001160 {enter}

     "D2050100" {tab} "Water Heaters" {tab} 4 {tab} "-2001160 {enter}

 The D2050 is the header

Plumbing Equipment is the header title

"3" means Level 3

-2001160, I have no idea what it means, but each section has it's own numeric combination.  Just copy whatever the numeric combination is for the section you are workking in.

 D2050100 - Is the sub header under the header Plumbing Equipment

Water Heaters is the Sub Header Title

"4" is level 4 letting the file know that this is a subset of level 3

-2001160 (see above)


When it's completed, save the file as "UniformatClassifications.txt".  Revit will not read any other name unless you get into the Revit.ini file and change that.  It's much easier just to save the text file with the correct name.

If you have Revit open, close it down completely and then reopen.  Click on the "Assembly Code" in the element properties and you should see your changes.  If not there is probably a type somewhere.  For example, when I was doing it, under my water heater section I added a

D2050115 Tankless Water Heater - Gas 4 -2001160


But when I open the Assembly code it was not showing up.  I had the following type "D2080115", so it was looking for a file under the Section D2080 which does not exist.


Editing the Uniformat Codes has made a huge difference for our projects.  It is so easy to create schedules and filters based on more exacting assembly codes.  I have also created codes for existing plumbing items to be demo'd and existing plumbing items to remain.  I have also created schedules based on these assembly codes so now, for example, If I have an existing building with fixtures that will be demo'd, some remain and some new ones added, all I have to do is place the fixtures in the model, check to make sure the assembly codes are correct (ie demo, remain, new) and I have 4 schedules that are automatically populated.


Hope this is helpful




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Wed, May 5, 2010 at 9:28:30 PM | Edit/Customize Assembly Code



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Very nice definition, extremely helpful.

 I'm working with a building product manufacturer & MEP contractor; appreciate your explanation of adding classifications for phasing.


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