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Forums >> Revit Building >> Technical Support >> Multiple buildings & orientations on same site

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Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 4:40:05 PM | Multiple buildings & orientations on same site




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Hi there. I am a former AutoCAD user in the process of converting to Revit. One of the first projects we are testing Revit on involves a number of similar, but nonetheless different, buildings on a single site. Across the buildings, there are 3 slightly different orientations.

I understand the difference between true north and project north, but am still having a lot of trouble referencing (linking) files with appropriate insertion points and origins, as well as creating sheets with squarely oriented buildings.

Here is how I'm trying to do it:

- create a revit terrain file to create topography and building pads with AutoCAD survey and setout file as a linked reference. AutoCAD file linked into site plan view origin to origin at true north. Export shared coordinates to DWG file.

- create each building file and link revit terrain file (as attachment) and AutoCAD survey file into site plan view (true north). Draw gridline to setout building alignment, then rotate project north to align to the gridline I have drawn. Create building in plan views etc. (this works fine the first time; but gets messy with any new project north in other building files)

- eventually create a page setout revit file with each building linked into it (and the original terrain file via attached link) to create one single set of documents.


This process appears to be working except for some major trouble when it comes to setting up the building files with different orientations. Based on my AutoCAD experience, I would have assumed that true north roughly equates to WCS and that this is the base reference (insert/orientation) for all links which never changes. Following from this I would have thought that each building file could have its own project north orientation without effecting links based on true north. However whenever I attempt to create a new building layout with different project north, it thows all of the linked files out of orientation (in site, true north view), even if true north is unchanged.

Can I have multiple building files with different project norths referencing the same site file??? Having never had a problem like this with AutoCAD before, I can't believe how difficult it seems in revit!

Many thanks for any help.

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Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 4:48:18 PM | Multiple buildings & orientations on same site



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Download this and read the article on Revit's positioning AUGI|AEC EDGE

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Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 10:23:28 AM | Multiple buildings & orientations on same site




Joined: Mon, Jun 15, 2009
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Thanks for that WWHub, the pdf magazine certainly looks very interesting and the article you suggested was useful in explaining conceptual aspects of project/true north and equivalence in AutoCAD. However it did not particularly respond to the problems I was having regarding insertion points of multiple buildings.


2 rather frustrating days later, I have stumbled upon the solution....... and yes it was in the Revit user guide; page 1296 for anyone wondering! The 'tip' mentions the importance of choosing one file (in my case the revit 3d site file) as a reference for all (rvt & dwg) referencing/referenced files.


In case others have the same problem I will answer my own questions here. So the process:


1 - In revit site file, open site plan view and check that it is oriented to true north in the view properties. Link AutoCAD site file into 3d revit site file (ensuring beforehand that original survey WCS is oriented toward what will be true north, and that origin is not far from centre of site) using automatic origin to origin option. Then share coordinates between the 2. With the view oriented to true north and the WCS of the autocad site file towards the true north, the 2 should at least be correctly oriented relatively. Use reposition project command to place the revit file correctly over survey file.


2 - Open new file for a building design, go to site view and set view properties to orient to true north, then link REVIT site file (my nominated central coordinate reference file of the project), automatic origin to origin. THEN IMPORT SHARED COORDINATES FROM THIS FILE BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE! (this - it seems - is the key)


3 - Then attach the original autocad file into the building file if desired using the automatic shared location option. Be careful not to check "orient to view" option if available (ie current view only option unchecked).


4 - Setup building grids by tracing setouts from survey file. Then rotate PROJECT north and select one of the gridlines to align to. It seems that in response to my question regarding multiple building orientations (ie project norths in each file), each separate building file CAN have its own project north orientation (for square floor plan views oriented to project north) with no effect on other referenced or referencing files. So long as each building file is correctly oriented to true north (check in the site plan oriented to true north), the nominated coordinate reference file will take care of the rest in terms of position.


Voila!! Hope this helps someone. I'm very happy to have finally sorted it out!!

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Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 3:35:49 PM | Multiple buildings & orientations on same site




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hi there, i found this video explanation very helpfull in you tube.

check that out.


Revit Coordinate System - 36 minute explanation

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